5 Tips to Create a Landing Page for Your Food Business

sample image for landing page for your food business

byWinfred Kimathi

The answer to “How do I get more customers,” lies in a landing page. When you design and optimize a landing page for your food business, you stand a chance of converting web visitors to customers.

Some business owners don’t know this but, a food business landing page cannot be the same as that for a life coach or agency. Your page has to stand out and sell your business on its own.

After working with food businesses for a while, here are 5 important factors to consider when creating your landing page.

1.   Keep it Simple

pancakes showing landing page for your food business

Imagine going to a restaurant and being handed a fifty-page menu. How would you feel and where would you start? I would leave and go to the neighboring hotel with a simpler menu. It’d take me less time to choose what I want to eat fast so I can get out of there and continue my business in town.

If you feel the same, then there’s no need to create a complicated landing page with a million details. Stick to the goal of creating the page to make it simple.

For example, if your page is informing people about the new burger on the menu, talk about that food only. Don’t bring up issues about your tacos, French fries, or soft drinks.

2.   Share Your Business Story and How it Addresses Customer’s Pain Points

Jhan pointed out in THESHOP, “Does the buyer of a performance sports car really care about the size and technical specs of the engine… or is it the feeling that comes from acceleration as he or she stomps the pedal to the floor?”

The question tells you that customers care about themselves even though they want to hear your story. Tell them how your business came to be and why you put it up.

Give them reasons to believe your business came into being to solve their food problems. For example, if you’re using fresh ingredients that customers want, point it out in your story. Make it straightforward to avoid high bounce rates.

3.   Use Original High-Quality Images

chocolate glasses showing  landing page for your food business

According to Dale’s Cone of experience, human beings remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, and 50% of what they see and hear.

Then it goes without saying that you need eye-catching original images from your restaurant on your landing page. It’d be a shame for customers to see a certain food image on your site only to order it and get the response, we don’t make that.

Get a professional food photographer to take stunning images if you have to. The statistics show the pics are more important than the copy alone.

4.   Show Customers Why Your Restaurant is The Top Choice

Go to Yelp and search the word restaurant in San Francisco, California, and you’ll get twenty-four pages of results. You’ll get the same results when you search the word, ‘personal chef.’

Considering that’s just one part of California, you can see customers are spoilt for choice. You have to give them a good reason to choose you over others. Think about your value proposition- what makes your business better than competitors?

Use your uniqueness as a benefit for customers to sign up and give you their email address or order that new item on your menu. Then include other benefits such as how you make the new burger on the menu different, your customer service, and more.

I’d advise you to outsource copywriting for the landing page if you don’t know how to play with words.

5.   Have a Clear Call to Action

plate of green beans and chicken for  landing page for your food business

The biggest mistake you can make on your landing page is to tell customers to buy now below the headline, ask for their email on the sidebar, then ask them to browse other pages on your site at the end of the copy.

Every landing page should have only one call to action. If you want them to buy, use the buy button twice or thrice on the page. The same goes if you want people to sign up for your newsletter.

Also, make your call to action simple and powerful. The following are some powerful calls to action you can use:

  • Download your free digital cookbook
  • Save now
  • Buy now
  • Order now
  • Get free delivery

Note: Ensure your call to action aligns with the goal of your landing page.

Create Your First Landing Page Now

Everyone can have this knowledge, but only those who apply it get the dollars in their bank accounts. Now that you know what to expect when creating a food landing page for your small business, it’s time to create your first page.

I understand if you’re busy making those savory recipes for your business. Get in touch for help creating a standout landing page that’ll convert visitors to customers.

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