Marketing Copy for Coaches and Online Service Providers to Rise Through The Digital Noise

  • Launch marketing copy to put your program, course, and service in front of customers who’ll buy.
  • Action-driven SEO content to attract and engage your ideal customers on autopilot.
  • Community-centered social media content to build a loyal following of customers who’ll buy from you again and again.
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marketing copy for coaches

There’s Too Much Noise Online

Every minute, 347,222 people are posting stories on Facebook, 64,440 are publishing a post on Instagram, 1,388 are posting on LinkedIn, 3.125 million people are searching Google, and 4 million people are liking a Facebook post.

You and I know that we will possibly never see 90% of all the content being published online.

That’s why when you launch a course or a service, you want the right people to know about it. Because only the right people are facing the exact problem you’re solving, and they’re the only ones who will buy from you.

At Blumy Content Solutions,

We Serve Words that Sell

We’ve mastered authentic copywriting techniques that are proven to turn your launch into a 7-figure reality. Through our soup-to-nuts copywriting process we’re able to inspire the right people to take action.

Whether you’re launching a course, promoting a program, or selling a service, our done-for-you marketing copy will enable you to stand out to the right people.

In our copy kitchen, we avoid trickery, cringe messages, and desperate tactics. We use authentic sales techniques, frameworks, and high-emotion words to build a loyal community of people who truly fall in love with your brand and fatten your bank account for years.

Our Soup to Nuts Copywriting Approach

is For

Coaches and Course Creators Who Want to Sell on Autopilot

You’re in the last stages of completing your online course.

And you know it’s a good one,

Because you’ve been coaching people without a structured course and they’ve told you over and over again how you transformed their lives.

Now, you want to launch it online and you’re hoping it’ll land in the eyes of the right people.

But you don’t know how to persuade anyone to buy leave alone writing a whole sales page to promote that course.

You also don’t want to use cringe messages to sell out your course because you know that’s a short-lived strategy.

Instead, you want to use evergreen strategies that’ll build a community of loyal followers who’ll buy from you over and over again because they trust you and your methods.

To achieve this, you’re ready to work with an expert who’s mastered copywriting techniques that work

You don’t want to and don’t have the time to learn copywriting techniques because you want to focus on your zone of genius 100% so you can build even more programs.

I Want to Sell My Course on Autopilot Now

Online Service Providers Who Want to Be Booked 101%

You’ve been serving many customers through different online platforms.


You know the customers you want to focus on because working with them makes you happy.

You’re now ready to launch your service and focus only on these customers who make a perfect match for you


You don’t want to sound pushy or salesy.

You want to build a community of people who genuinely love working with you, and who you genuinely love working with.

You also want to get inquiries from your ideal clients without having to chase them around all the time.

And you want people to thirst for your services the moment they land on your website, social media, or newsletter.

To achieve this, you’re ready to work with an expert who’s mastered copywriting techniques that work.

You’re not interested in studying for 100s of hours to learn copywriting because you want to focus on your niche 100% to serve customers better.

I Want to Get Booked 101% Now

We’ll Use These Recipes to Help You

Fatten Your Bank Account

Sales Page Copy

Designed for the entrepreneur who’s ready to promote their event, marketing campaign, course, service, or online program right now without waiting for weeks.

Also perfect for holiday offers to boost your revenue and profit.


Course Launch Marketing Copy

Designed for the entrepreneur who’s ready to build a complete sales funnel to promote their online program/course and make money even when they’re asleep.



Social Media Support

Designed for the entrepreneur who’s ready to build authentic relationships with their ideal audience on social media, and then lead that audience to purchase their program, course, service.


Search Engine Optimization

Designed for the entrepreneur who’s ready to build an evergreen library of content that will generate leads for their program, course, service 6 months, 2 years, and even 5 or more years from now.


Featured On

Meet Other Coaches and Online Service Providers

Who Love Our Copywriting Recipes

“Winfred is highly knowledgeable in her area of expertise, friendly and always willing to offer support”

Winfred Kimathi is an excellent social media marketer. She created a marketing strategy that we discussed, and then she executed it perfectly during our launch on LinkedIn during the months of April to June 2023. We found it to be an outstanding experience that has significantly benefited our company.
Winfred’s work is well-structured, responsive and very engaging to meet the needs of the business. HOPAWI Professional Development Institute page gained followers organically, and it’s still gaining followers today because of the optimization that Winfred did.
In her writing she uses clear and concise language, and providing graphics that illustrate key messages. Winfred is highly knowledgeable in her area of expertise, friendly and always willing to offer support. Therefore, we highly recommend Winfred Kimathi to anyone interested in social media marketing. We will continue to work with her on our future projects.


Lucy Kaaria
HOPAWI Professional Development Institute

“Her open-mindedness and willingness to incorporate feedback consistently ensures that final copy is perfectly aligned with my vision”

Over the past year, Winnie has been an invaluable member of my team. Her ability to curate content based on reports and our style is truly impressive. With her ability to research and target trends, she creates engaging and impactful copy. Winnie is not only highly skilled, but also extremely reliable. Her work is consistently delivered on time, and she is a great listener, understanding my needs and preferences. Her open-mindedness and willingness to incorporate feedback consistently ensures that final copy is perfectly aligned with my vision. Winnie has been a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her for any copywriting projects.

Marie Lewis, CEO Royal Assistants

Marie Lewis
Royal Assistants

“She makes it easier for me to work on and not in my business”

Winnie has been providing excellent Virtual Assistant services for my 3 businesses for over 2 years.  There are many wonderful things I experienced working with Winnie, I must say the most impactful is how she takes the initiative to learn about my business and writes content in my voice and with an understanding of what my customers need.  She learns about your industry and provides a level of comfort and trust that I truly appreciate. To be specific regarding tasks Winnie completes for me here is a short list: Creating email series and setting up automation. I use MailerLite and this skillset is critical to any business regardless of the software. Social media management, posting, creation of posts in all social media platforms. Monthly newsletter creation and distribution. Website updates, SEO. I have a courses and a private community in Thinkific which includes courses, content and post.  Winnie set up my Community page, engaged with the members and handles the onboarding process for new members. Coordination with content and events. I am a vegan chef. There are various opportunities to share event, festival, podcast interviews, etc with my community. Winnie reminds me of upcoming events and we collaborate on flyers, menus, social media posts to bring awareness to the event. I am so lucky to have Winnie on m team. As a small business owner as well she is growing her business.  I am happy to be part of her business growth.  She makes it easier for me to work on and not in my business so I can concentrate on delivering excellent service to my customers.  I highly recommend Winnie to be your virtual assistant.

Sherimane, Johnson

CEO, Night Owl Vegan

Sherimane Johnson
Night Owl Vegan

Meet The Soup to Nuts Senior Chef


Hi, I'm Winnie

I’ve been working with coaches, consultants, and online service providers for 5+ years. Hence, I understand the challenges service providers face. Unlike a product business that can easily take photos/videos and post them online, a service provider cannot capture the service in a photo or video because it’s not tangible.

As a result, many service providers face it rough online because they don’t know what to say or how to say it. For 5+ years I’ve learned to present services, courses, and coaching programs in a way that feels tangible to the people who need it the most.

Hence, I’m on a mission to help at least 100 coaches create profitable businesses by helping them market their services, programs, and courses in a way that attracts their ideal audience, wins their trust, and leads them to close deals. We (the people that help me serve you and I) hope to accomplish this within the next 5 years.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me trying out new recipes from various parts of the world, reading a book, or traveling to experience new cultures and food.

I look forward to helping you build a business that’ll transform your client’s lives and help you live your dream life.

You’ll Enjoy These Perks Working With Us

Customized Strategy

We’ve worked with coaches and service providers long enough to understand that every business is unique. That's why we use a customized strategy that takes into account the uniqueness of your business and customers.

Holistic Approach

We understand that content is a part of the bigger system, which is your business. Hence, we offer solutions that fit into your business goals, systems, and processes. We aim to see all aspects of your business succeed.

Content Marketing Expertise

We’ve been writing copy and content for over 5 years for coaches, consultants, and online service providers. Be assured we'll give insights and suggestions to improve your results based on our experience, data, and current trends.

We Work With You, Not For You

We care about the results you'll achieve. That’s why we’ll work with you like partners so we can advise on the best copy and design strategies. Instead of working for you, getting paid and not caring about your results.

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