Why Should Your Small Business Embrace Social Media Marketing?

Did you know that there are over 3 billion social media users around the world? The number continues to increase as technology penetrates more parts of the world. Businesses are embracing the use of social media because they have realized the potential it has to increase their market share.

 And note that social media is not going anywhere. More users are signing up on different platforms each day. Hence it is opening up more opportunities for businesses that want to grow amid the changes in the market.

You will realize that some social media platforms are more popular than others. Most of the older generation prefer to use Facebook to search for new products. On the other hand, most of the younger generation prefer YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram. If you want more people to keep following your page, engage them positively through all your social channels.

Mobile phones have played a significant role in the rise of global social media. Almost everyone now owns a mobile phone. Therefore, as you develop campaigns to promote your business on social media, remember to make them mobile-friendly. For instance, use short messages because the mobile display is limited to a few sentences. The secret is to test multiple versions of ads to ensure you have the best for your customers.

Also, people share visual content more than any other type of content on social media. Therefore, this tells you that you must develop an innovative content strategy so that your brand may attract more followers. You also need to monitor your social media channels and even the ones you are not using.

People tend to share content from one platform to the other. Hence, keeping track of what users say about your brand may help you to improve your brand image. Therefore, social media has paved the way for many brands as it is the best marketer. Brands can work globally because of social media.

6 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Any Business

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So, what will social media do for my business? Social media can do a lot for your organization, whether it is a small or large organization. Ask anyone who has used social media in their business, and you will listen to unending stories about how it has helped them. In general, firms in all industries will enjoy the following benefits from marketing their products and services on social media:

1. Increased Brand Awareness

Through social media, more people will know about your business. When you share content and get followers who already know about your brand, they might share it with their followers. Thus, your firm may get new followers through the regular sharing of quality content.

For you to enjoy this benefit, you should create a social media profile for your business and start networking with others. Your business profile should include cover photos and logo that connects your audience to the idea you are running. Spend a few hours a week on your page to increase your brand visibility and gain more experience.

2. Increased Engagement with Customers

Most customers prefer communicating through social media. Interact with your customers to cater to their interests, and you may win their attention by conveying your brand message. Social listening helps to identify trends that your target audience is following. Through social listening, you will learn what your clients are struggling with.

Hence, you should create content majoring on the issues that customers are discussing online. It will help you build a relationship with more customers as they will feel the human connection with your business through the content you share.

3. Social Media will Help Build Customer Loyalty

A common goal for all businesses is to develop trust and acquire loyal customers. Your brand loyalty begins when customers are satisfied with the services they receive. Use social media to introduce your products while offering their benefits in addition to running promotional campaigns.

You may keep your loyal audience happy by offering promo codes for discounts. The more customers follow you, the more they will interact with your brand.

4. It will Help You Provide Support to Customers

Most customers will prefer social channels such as Facebook to communicate their problems rather than calling customer care for help. You should develop your reputation to attract more customers, even if you are criticized or receive negative comments. Ensure that you respond quickly to questions and concerns and know when to resolve public conversations privately. Brands that do not address their customer’s concerns may lose customers. Most clients appreciate it when they receive a message after they make a complaint or comment. You should value your customers by taking the time to compose a personal note if the concern was too critical.

5. It will Enable Your Content Go Viral

Most of the viral ads are shared on social media. Viral ads spread a message considerably and to many people. The most common is the ‘hashtag’ which directs people from their social media timelines to the brand’s profile.

When your content goes viral, people share it in their networks, which spreads so well. The exposure is beneficial as all those shares and likes show points back to your brand.

6. It will Enhance Your Authority in the Industry

Update your profile frequently with relevant content to build your brand’s authority. It should show that your business is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and approachable. Demonstrate your competence as a leader, for example, by saying what your business offers as this will create more confidence to customers.

Your page should be more authoritative to increase traffic. When you regularly interact with your customers, it shows that you care for them. You may decide to give genuine customers a chance to advertise your products to remove doubts from upcoming visitors.

Types of Social Media Content You Should Use

Social media is not limited to images and a few sentences talking about your brand. There is a variety of content you can post. Here are some examples:

  • Infographics

They are the most shared form of content because they are informative and attractive. Infographics are usually of high quality as they engage a lot of customers and are likely to bring more likes to your social media. They have more virality than documents and words.

Infographics are engaging because human beings process visual information faster than words. Content is well understood when it’s paired with pictures, as plain words would cause boredom. You can do your infographics on Canva or pay someone to do them on your behalf.

  • Client testimonials

To gain trust from customers, sharing your client testimonials will make them choose you over a competitor. The testimonials will help you to build a stronger bond with your customers. Alternatively, you may decide to take a professional video recording from your clients rather than just texts. Sharing your client’s testimonials on your social profile and using them as video ads in social networking will pave the way for great success on your social platforms.

  • Live-streams

In some platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, live-streaming is a core factor. After live-streaming, it is good to make your content available to users who were not online during the live-stream.

To attract more customers, you may promote your content in the stream by asking viewers to click a specific link on the comment section and find access to what you are talking about. Remember to promote an asset on the live-stream to get more likes and followers from your customers.

  • Emotive content

The most shared social media content is one that evokes strong positive emotions in people. Share ideas with positive feelings and emotions to attract many people on your profile. Highly rated materials should be made of attitudes that display joy, interest, trust, and anticipation.

Emotions are a universal language that evokes similar feelings almost everywhere. Social media is the same case, so find content that interests your customers in producing valuable results.

  • List posts

There are several types of blog posts that content marketers use. List posts are the most preferred since its content has a limited number of points, which are usually straight forward. Most customers will find it reliable and are more likely to share and engage with it. If your content is complicated, list posts are the best option for you.

In summary, social media may be a cash-cow for your business when you use it well. Find the platform where your customers hang out and join. Then post content that will inform customers about your products and services. Post different types of content to break the boredom so you can engage your followers.

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