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Every time you publish a new webpage or blog post, you increase your chances of being found by customers without DMing anyone.

If your blogs are optimized and persuasive enough, they’ll increase your passive income. You’ll be converting leads to customers without raising a finger.

Our SEO blog writing service will cut the distance between you and your customers online, increase the credibility of your brand, and earn you more income.

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How Our SEO Content Writing Service Will Transform Your Business

1.    Build Authority in Your Industry

When you post optimized content, you go a few steps ahead of your competitors who are ignoring SEO. Also, as you build content, you develop a voice that makes you an authority in your industry.

Customers then trust you more when you develop a respected voice. As an authority, you’ll also be able to lead the way for others in your industry.

2.    Increase Your Website Traffic

More than 50% of people aged 15 to 64 say they use the internet to search for information, learn how to do things, find brands, and find new ideas.

When you post optimized content that gives your customers information, teaches them how to use your products, and gives them new ideas, your website traffic will grow exponentially.

3.    Convert Your Website Visitors to Customers

As your website traffic grows, you’ll convert many of your visitors into customers. We will show you the strategies that’ll help you convert your visitors to buyers (Not everyone knows how to do it).

4.    Build Trust and Boost Your Credibility

We’re in an age where consumers are aware of online scammers. Many people have fallen for scams and learned their lesson. Therefore, you need more than a business name and a logo to convince such people to trust you.

A website that ranks on the first page and updates content regularly will build trust faster than one that was last updated a year ago.

5.    Support Your Social Media Activities

While you may be getting enough business from social media, you need to know that social media lacks depth. Content posted on social also has a very short lifespan (a tweet has a lifespan of only a few hours).

However, a website has depth because it allows you to explain topics more clearly. Your website content can also rank on the first page of search engines for ten years and beyond if you keep updating it regularly and following SEO guidelines.

For topics you cannot cover in detail on social media, refer your followers to see the full article on your website. Web plus social media is a win-win.

Our SEO Blog Writing Service Process

Step 1

Audit Website Blog Activities

We evaluate your website and find out what you’re doing right. We then identify opportunities to optimize your existing blog posts.

Step 2

Analyze Your Competition

We use our competitor analysis template to determine strategies your rivals are using, their customer personas, and weaknesses. We also identify opportunities that your competitors are sleeping so we can incorporate them into your strategy.

Step 3

Keywords Research  

Now we go ahead and do keyword research. We find competitive keywords your customers are searching for and list them in an Excel file.

Step 4

Create an SEO Strategy

We create your SEO strategy. During this process, we create SMART SEO goals, develop content pillars, create KPIs for measuring results, and design your content calendar.

Step 5

Execute the Strategy

We execute the strategy created in step 4.

Step 6

Monitoring and Improvement

We monitor the performance of your blog pages and find opportunities to improve these pages so they can rank better. We also update content regularly to incorporate internal links in related content.  

Step 7


We report our performance against the KPIs developed in step 4 at the end of every month. During the reporting, we identify opportunities to improve the strategy and execute them going forward.

More Reasons to Work With US

Quality Writing

We write for your customers first and then we optimize the blogs for search engines. We also edit and format content in a way that entices your readers to scroll to the end.

Complete On-page Optimization

We optimize blogs using all the on-page tools including headings, meta descriptions, meta titles, and keywords placed in the content naturally yet strategically.  

Everything is Done For You

Instead of just writing content and leaving you to figure out the rest, we do everything including writing, formatting, image optimization, and publishing. we involve you in all the steps without stealing your time for business strategy and product development.

Choose One of Our SEO Blog Writing Packages

We offer a variety of packages for different types of businesses. Review the packages below and select one that fits your brand and needs. If you’re unable to select the right package for your business, schedule a call and we’ll guide you on how to choose one.

“Winfred is highly knowledgeable in her area of expertise, friendly and always willing to offer support”

Winfred Kimathi is an excellent social media marketer. She created a marketing strategy that we discussed, and then she executed it perfectly during our launch on LinkedIn during the months of April to June 2023. We found it to be an outstanding experience that has significantly benefited our company.
Winfred’s work is well-structured, responsive and very engaging to meet the needs of the business. HOPAWI Professional Development Institute page gained followers organically, and it’s still gaining followers today because of the optimization that Winfred did.
In her writing she uses clear and concise language, and providing graphics that illustrate key messages. Winfred is highly knowledgeable in her area of expertise, friendly and always willing to offer support. Therefore, we highly recommend Winfred Kimathi to anyone interested in social media marketing. We will continue to work with her on our future projects.


Lucy Kaaria
HOPAWI Professional Development Institute

“Her open-mindedness and willingness to incorporate feedback consistently ensures that final copy is perfectly aligned with my vision”

Over the past year, Winnie has been an invaluable member of my team. Her ability to curate content based on reports and our style is truly impressive. With her ability to research and target trends, she creates engaging and impactful copy. Winnie is not only highly skilled, but also extremely reliable. Her work is consistently delivered on time, and she is a great listener, understanding my needs and preferences. Her open-mindedness and willingness to incorporate feedback consistently ensures that final copy is perfectly aligned with my vision. Winnie has been a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her for any copywriting projects.

Marie Lewis, CEO Royal Assistants

Marie Lewis
Royal Assistants

“She makes it easier for me to work on and not in my business”

Winnie has been providing excellent Virtual Assistant services for my 3 businesses for over 2 years.  There are many wonderful things I experienced working with Winnie, I must say the most impactful is how she takes the initiative to learn about my business and writes content in my voice and with an understanding of what my customers need.  She learns about your industry and provides a level of comfort and trust that I truly appreciate. To be specific regarding tasks Winnie completes for me here is a short list: Creating email series and setting up automation. I use MailerLite and this skillset is critical to any business regardless of the software. Social media management, posting, creation of posts in all social media platforms. Monthly newsletter creation and distribution. Website updates, SEO. I have a courses and a private community in Thinkific which includes courses, content and post.  Winnie set up my Community page, engaged with the members and handles the onboarding process for new members. Coordination with content and events. I am a vegan chef. There are various opportunities to share event, festival, podcast interviews, etc with my community. Winnie reminds me of upcoming events and we collaborate on flyers, menus, social media posts to bring awareness to the event. I am so lucky to have Winnie on m team. As a small business owner as well she is growing her business.  I am happy to be part of her business growth.  She makes it easier for me to work on and not in my business so I can concentrate on delivering excellent service to my customers.  I highly recommend Winnie to be your virtual assistant.

Sherimane, Johnson

CEO, Night Owl Vegan

Sherimane Johnson
Night Owl Vegan

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Why should I care about doing SEO for my blogs?

There are 99,000 searches on Google every second, and 83% of consumers who use Google say they search for something at least 3 times a day. You’re losing attention and money by not tapping into that market. Also, SEO-optimized blogs will build your credibility and make customers trust you more easily.

Should I ditch social media and settle for SEO?

We recommend you keep both and then create an overall marketing strategy that will ensure your web and social media content complement each other.

Will you become an employee of my company when I hire you?

No. We’re independent contractors who work hand in hand with your marketing team.