Instagram Content Creator- Why You Need One

In the age of social media, Instagram has become popular for networking and business. The platform offers a matchless opportunity to any Instagram content creator seeking to appeal to their target clientele and gain more followers on their account.

Whether an individual promoting your product or service, or a medium or large business aiming to connect with followers, you can benefit from the platform.

Brands need to have an Instagram presence because most internet users spend their time on the platform when they are not on Facebook.

US internet users, for example, spend an estimated 12 billion minutes on Instagram monthly. The users spend 230 billion minutes on Facebook.

These statistics have triggered the need for the constant creation of content for Instagram accounts. A creator in this context is a person who generates posts and publishes them regularly.

The owners of business accounts on Instagram feel the need to keep their curious followers updated. As noted by Shopify, Instagram content creation pays off due to the high rate of ad conversion into sales.

Therefore, any entrepreneur or creator of content who needs to boost their brand’s presence should consider Instagram for this purpose. If you have thought of this, here are some tips to get you started.

Instagram Content Creator: Best Practices

instagram content creator

Unfortunately, not all posts created for an Instagram account gets to ‘pop’ or appeal to followers. However, this should not hinder your efforts towards pushing your brand’s visibility on the platform.

You could ensure that your posts adhere to the following best practices and still be a successful content creator.

As a Content Creator You can Share Your Experiences

Most Instagram users scroll through the platform without searching for anything in particular. Therefore, they are likely to bypass a boring image or account. However, images that tell a story will most certainly capture their attention.

Thus, as a creator, you can modify your photos into images that tell a story instead of posting stiff ones. What is likely to catch your attention: a picture of lipstick or a before and after comparison of someone who used the product?

Make Sure that You Understand Your Intended Niche

A successful Instagram content creator understands that they cannot please every follower on their account. That is why they first spend time understanding their target market.

One way to understand your target niche is to analyze what kind of posts make users to react. Do they react to videos, memes, GIFs, or quotes? Once this is clear, you should focus on posting that kind of content on your account consistently.

Uphold the Relevance of Your Instagram Account

It would help if you always give your followers a reason to keep coming back to your account. The best way for a creator to achieve this is by exploring what is trending, and then creating meaningful posts around that topic.

A successful creator must align their content with their brand’s objectives. Other ways of maintaining the relevance of your account are:

  • Focusing on colorful posts
  • Creating an events calendar for your account
  • Staying updated on trends. For example, you can bookmark GoogleTrends on your computer and check it daily for trending topics or images.
  • Posting without fail on your account
  • Sharing ideas with another content creator

Content Creator for Instagram Account: Must-Have Characteristics for a Supreme Creator

instagram content creator

Content is the match that lights the way of a creator towards a successful social media strategy. So, what traits define a top content creator for an Instagram Account?

Here are some common traits that creators on Instagram have, which would help you grow your presence on the platform.

The Ability to Tell a Good Story

Similar to other sites like LinkedIn, the most compelling stories on Instagram garner thousands of reactions. A photo, story, or video followed by a great caption must tell an enchanting story.

You must learn to be creative to arouse your followers’ emotions through your Instagram account posts. Find affordable ghostwriting services that offer Instagram captions if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

Ability to Create Controversial Instagram Captions

Creating controversy does not mean that the posts you create for your Instagram account should start fights. Rather, it means that they should spark debates in the comment section and the direct messages.

A supreme content creator for Instagram understands how much being controversial sells. The strategy creates buzz around your brand.

Honesty in Your Instagram Posts

They say honesty is the best policy. Being controversial does not mean that a creator should lie about anything on their account.

As a successful content creator, you need to relay trustworthy information always. Otherwise, your account will start losing followers, and you will be back on the drawing board in no time.

Analytical Skills

Another enviable skill of a thriving creator for an Instagram account is the ability to be analytical. To become a successful content creator on the platform, you must be thorough in analyzing every post you create and publish on your account.

You should also scrutinize the posts that did well on your account and engagement rate, among other informatics.

Content for Instagram Account: The Creation of Informative and Engaging Posts

Many novice owners of Instagram accounts wonder how to grow their brands through what they post.

The answer is high-quality and engaging material. Here are some tips on how to generate this kind of content.

Look for Instagram Content Creation Templates

The beauty of the internet is the plethora of information and tips on anything. If you lack photos that you took on your own, do not fret.

You can search online for templates that are ready to use. You do not even need to be a savvy user of various editing apps like photoshop. Canva is a great place to find easy to use templates for this purpose.

Whatever message you intend to pass through your account, you can search for templates to make it more captivating. Even if you are selling an unglamorous product on your account, templates can be a great way of boosting its appearance.

Search for High-Quality Copyright-Free Images or Use Your Own Images

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Free and copyright-free images are easily found on the internet. A great way of boosting their appearance on your account is by combining them with templates.

These images are important for any creator of content because they create a variety for their account.

If you have some coins to spare, you can also lookup paid services that offer such images. As expected, the quality of images from a paid service is likely to be higher.

Remember that the quality of images is the main determinant of how captivating your post will be. It also exudes the creativity of a content creator.

Repost Materials from Other Instagram Accounts

Like a writer, a creator of posts for an Instagram account may sometimes experience a ‘block’.

If this happens, you can always repost videos and photos from your niche products while thinking about your own.

There is nothing wrong with doing this. Ensure that you seek permission from those products and credit them on your post.

Take Advantage of Instagram Influencers

Influencers pass your message to a larger audience hence increasing engagement on your content. You can reach them by sending them direct messages on Instagram.

Start by introducing yourself as a content creator for a certain Instagram account.

If yours is a small business, you can still work with influencers. You can start with micro-influencers, who have between 10000 and 50000 followers on their account. It is easier to enter into a deal with them compared to the big influencers.

Using Tools in Creating Instagram Posts

Instagram users get bored often and log out of the platform when they lack interesting content to keep up with. Considering this, creating content that constantly engages the followers in your account as a content creator may become a daunting task.

However, with tools such as Kicksta and Odrive, you can gain an upper-hand in the war of content creation on the platform.


Some Instagram users only follow brands or accounts, which they are sure, have real followers. Fake followers can damage a brand’s goodwill and even cost it some followers on its Instagram account.

However, with the Kicksta tool, a content creator can find users who are in their niche within a short time. The upside is that all the followers driven to your account by this tool would be genuine.


There is nothing as painful as the loss of content that a creator puts so much work into. For example, a content creator who majors in travel takes many videos and photos while on their trip.

If these files were lost, they would have nothing to share with their followers. However, with Odrive, this is no longer a problematic issue. It provides a secure backup for all your content.


The analysis of an account accompanies the successful creation of content on Instagram. Iconosquare is a must-have tool for content creators who feel the need to capture information and metrics about their followers. It is a valuable tool as it also provides tips on how to increase followers.


The need for high-quality images to create engaging content for an Instagram account cannot be emphasized. Snapseed is a priceless tool in ensuring that your pictures are of top-notch quality. Besides, it is a free tool that any creator can easily download on their smartphone.

AI Grow

If you juggle between content creation and other jobs, scheduling content for your account becomes crucial. As a creator, you need not struggle further by organizing your content manually. Instead, you can rely on AI Grow for this.

It helps in organizing all kinds of content, including stories and videos. Content creators also use this tool to repost content on their Instagram accounts.

Final Tips to Ensure that You Thrive as an Instagram Content Creator

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Besides the generation of captivating content and the use of various tools, you need always to keep these tips in mind. This way, you will grow your brand in a short period.

  • Have your objectives in mind at all times.
  • Use hashtags to identify your niche further.
  • Remember that you can repeat featured posts on your account.
  • Plan ahead.
  • Be creative as a creator – for example, use challenges to make your brand more engaging.

Instagram is a powerful tool for enhancing a brand’s growth. I hope I have helped you with a few tips to get started. In case you get stuck somewhere, contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions.

I love connecting with fellow business people who are trying to make it on Instagram. Follow me on Instagram and I will follow back so we can share more tips and tricks.

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