How to Create a Powerful Marketing Story

Do you want to create ideas that stick in your audience’s minds? Narrating a story is one best way to do that. Human beings are more likely to remember a story that was described five years ago than a fact that was presented today or yesterday.

If you want traffic on your marketing site, turn your marketing messages into stories as they are more memorable. Look at it this way; we have all read one or two books in our lifetime. While reading a story, we want to fantasize and be part of the characters in the story so we can emulate them.

It is the same case with customers. They want to be part of your company’s story so they can belong. Therefore, learn how to tell your story in a way that customers will feel like they fit in the company.

Ways to Make a Story Fit in your Business Market

Every business has a compelling story to tell from when it started, where it is, and where it expects to be in the future. Here are some tools that can make your story unique and powerful.

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Include a Hero in the Story

Every good story has a hero who, in many cases, ends up being the protagonist, empathizing with the audience. Many businesses make the mistake of thinking they are the heroes, yet this is not usually the case. Remember, if it were not for your customers, the company could not be running.

For a great marketing story, then your customers should be the heroes. When marketing your products and services, remember not to be selfish by focusing too much on your brand. Include some information about your customers.

As the story progresses, your potential customers should be able to tell how they were transformed from ordinary to extraordinary.

Indicate the Goal of Your Business

Every great company focuses on solving its customers’ problems. For example, if your customers need relationship transformation, you cannot write a story about health since it will not have solved the relationship issue. Your goal should be to develop solutions to problems that customers are already facing.

A customer could be so pessimistic about specific issues, but you could turn their world view by framing stories that resonate with them. Also, respect your audience’s beliefs even if they differ with yours. If you do that, your business will grow as people will share your content. 

Inform Your Audience how You will Help them Deal with Obstacles

An obstacle is another element, and it is pretty evident that every good marketing story becomes more interesting with the presence of obstacles. While storytelling, you should seem realistic and avoid writing fiction stories or perfect ones as they may not seem real. Most people like stories where you struggled with something and how you managed to overcome it.

Most customers experience external obstacles that create the gap between their current position and where they want to be. Engage with your customers and provide help to overcome their obstacles. Keep in mind they are your heroes; therefore, help them overcome the challenges so that they reach their targeted goals.

Include a Mentor in the Story

Every great business story has a mentor. If your customer is the hero, then definitely you are the mentor who provides essential information to help the hero attain their goals. You have to earn trust for the story to be a successful one.

Since you are a mentor, everyone is waiting to hear from you. The people who make the products, are they comfortable? What about your customers, are they satisfied with the products they are getting from you?

Since the company began, have you been able to achieve any goals? Do you feel that those are the best products you can offer, or can you add more value? It would be best if you answer such questions since every business faces ups and downs.

Your Story Should Have a Moral Lesson

Every story has a moral lesson. Show how your business can mentor and guide customers and help them find solutions to their problems. Through your help, have your customers been able to overcome obstacles?

4 Techniques to Make Your Story Powerful

  • Simplicity

If you recall, most of the stories you consider the best were simple. Make them short and do not complicate things. When telling your business story, use language that all customers understand.

  • It should be shareable

Great stories have a message that the audience wants to share. When you tell a story, consider if the consumers can easily access it. Can it be shared through social media? If not, make sure it is shareable.

  • It should be unique

It would be best if you based an excellent story on originality. Also, your business portfolio and logo should be different from others so that customers can quickly identify your brand.

  • It should be emotional

The characters involved in a business story are human; therefore, you should engage them. Know the best way to connect with your customers, depending on the types of products your brand offers. Your audience will be happy with your story if you satisfy them and entertain them with videos. Try to spark desirable emotions in your customers with every story you tell.

In summary, every story needs something to make it remarkable so that it may be memorable. Most companies and advertisements are losing customers because they manipulate them with lies. Honesty is a virtue; therefore, if you want to gain loyal customers, be honest with them, and present a true story.

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