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My course is ready, now how do I tell the world about it? You’ve typed this question on Google countless times.

Then it tells you that you need course launch marketing copy with bits and pieces like sales pages, email, social media, blogs, lead magnets, and masterclasses.

And leaves you wondering………Where do I even start with such an outrageous amount of writing?

I’ve got the answer for you.

You Need a Launch Marketing Copy To

Go from pre-launch to post-launch and make the profit you deserve

But first, here’s……………

The Truth About Course Launches

You can’t sell your program/course in one hit.

Launching a course is not a walk in the park. Yes, you have a great product that’ll change people’s lives. But you have to work extra hard to convince them to buy.

The final launch takes time.

You need to touch base with your customers through different points – social media, emails, sales pages, blogs, lead magnets, and more. If you were to do this all by yourself, you may take months to launch your program. Yet when you get help, you’ll be done within a few weeks.

Your launch has to be different to attract clients to close deals with you.

Remember, there are many more courses out there, and everyone is promising their clients a marvelous transformation. So, no one will take you seriously if all you say is buy my course on Facebook.

Your launch has to build trust right away if you want to close more sales.

I guarantee you that your customers have heard of internet scams or they’ve been scammed at least once. Building assets to support your course will show you’re trustworthy. People won’t be afraid of getting out their credit cards to pay for that program you’re selling once you win their trust.

Sleazy and Desperate Marketing Won’t Make the Cut For You

When you finish your course, I understand you want to make sales as fast as yesterday. The truth is, if you don’t make a launch plan, you’ll find yourself using sleazy and desperate marketing.

Please buy my course, I promise it’s good.

Buy my course and learn how to change your life in 24 hours.

Become wealthy in the next three months.

These are desperate and unethical tactics. Those who use such tactics obviously have no sales page, email sequence, or social media marketing plan.

Such low-life marketing tactics downplay your skills, years of experience, time, and the money you’ve invested in creating a noble program.

What you need is……….

A methodical, step-by-step process of announcing your course, sharing the value it offers, and taking your customers through a decision. Such a process will show you’re an expert without you saying it, and it’ll win trust more easily.

The Launch Marketing Copy Kit will Take Away the Desperation from the Whole Process

You’ll no longer have to use unethical marketing tactics that touch on your prospect’s wounds, shame them for having the wrong mindset, bad financial habits, being unhealthy, or simply not knowing what to do to improve their lives.

The course launch marketing copy will enable you to hit the right spots in your customers’ needs, wants, and emotions so they’ll be unable to imagine a future without your program/course.

It’ll give you back your time. Every part of your business needs you right now, and I’m sure you wish you had 4 or 6 hands on deck so you can take care of everything by yourself. You’re thinking right, but doing it all by yourself is not the ideal move for a launch.

Get yourself the course launch marketing copy kit and get back enough time to draw the perfect strategies and streamline your business processes and technology.

Hi, I’m Winnie

launch marketing copywriter

An economics graduate turned marketer.

It bugs me when I hear that only 1 out of 10 startups survive. What happens to the other 9 if you may ask?

Research shows that many didn’t market their program. They just completed it and probably prayed to the gods to give them customers magically. I feel for these businesses and can’t blame them. Not everyone knows what they’re supposed to do to sell out their program.

For you, it’s different because you’re informed.

You’re here because you know that you need to launch your program like a pro and show your potential customers that you’re truly skilled at what you’re doing. So they can start enrolling without objections.

I’m here to help you launch your coaching program/course like an expert. Even if you don’t hire me, I urge you to create a methodical plan to launch your offer.

Because I’ve seen firsthand how marketing turns around things for businesses. A launch done properly will bring you enough profit to hop on a plane and catch the croissants in Paris while they’re still hot.

And if you keep the marketing wheel rolling, you’ll be earning money from your course while you’re sleeping.

“Winnie has been providing excellent Virtual Assistant services for my 3 businesses for over 2 years. There are many wonderful things I experienced working with Winnie, I must say the most impactful is how she takes the initiative to learn about my business and writes content in my voice and with an understanding of what my customers need. She learns about your industry and provides a level of comfort and trust that I truly appreciate.

To be specific regarding tasks Winnie completes for me here is a short list:

Creating email series and setting up automation. I use MailerLite and this skill set is critical to any business regardless of the software.

Social media management, posting, and creation of posts on all social media platforms.

Monthly newsletter creation and distribution.

Website updates, SEO.

I have a courses and a private community in Thinkific which includes courses, content, and posts. Winnie set up my Community page, engaged with the members, and handled the onboarding process for new members.

Coordination with content and events. I am a vegan chef. There are various opportunities to share events, festivals, podcast interviews, etc with my community. Winnie reminds me of upcoming events and we collaborate on flyers, menus, and social media posts to bring awareness to the event.

I am so lucky to have Winnie on my team. As a small business owner as well, she is growing her business. I am happy to be part of her business growth. She makes it easier for me to work on and not in my business so I can concentrate on delivering excellent service to my customers. I highly recommend Winnie to be your virtual assistant.”

Sherimane Johnson

CEO, Night Owl Vegan

CEO, Naturally Sweet Desserts

CEO, Plant Powered Shift

The Launch Marketing Copy Kit is For You If:

  • You’re about to complete your coaching program/course and want to launch in the most organized way so you can start taking clients right away.
  • You don’t want to spend weeks and months learning how to write marketing copy for your launch. Instead, you want to spend your time perfecting your program and developing an overall strategy to grow your business.
  • You want to work with an expert who has experience with launches before so you can use their expertise to save the time, money, and get returns from your launch ASAP.

We’ll Make Your Launch Easy-breezy with Our Soup to Nuts Process and Verified Frameworks

We’ll use the Soup to Nuts Process (our back-end launch copywriting process that works like magic) and a carefully selected copywriting framework to create copy that’ll get your clients wondering why they didn’t know about you earlier and get their credit cards out because they’d never want to see you leave their side ever.

Your Investment for the Launch Marketing Copy Kit

Atomic Launch

$1,400 $900

For coaches, consultants, course creators, and other service providers who need the perfect sales page with the juices to generate a strong desire for your service/program/course.

You’ll get:

  • Brand Questionnaire
  • Long-form sales page copy
  • Sales page layout recommendation
  • Customer research & analysis
  • Competitor research and analysis
  • CTAs that drive sales

Optional Upgrade:

4 long-form blogs to create authority around your program and generate organic views on Google search for an extra $800

Start My Launch Now

Holistic Launch

$3,500 $2,500

For coaches and course creators who are ready to turn every stone to convert their launch massively. You want to scale your launch and use all available avenues to connect with prospects and make a sale.

You’ll get:

  • Brand Questionnaire
  • Long-form sales copy
  • Sales page layout recommendation
  • Customer and competitor research and analysis
  • CTAs that drive sales
  • Nurturing email sequence copy and automation (up to 14 emails)
  • Opt-in and thank you page copy
  • 2 rounds of fierce revision

Optional Upgrade:

4 long-form blogs to create authority around your program and generate organic views on Google search for an extra $800

Start My Launch Now

What You’ll Get With both packages:

  • In-depth call
  • Clarity to your audience
  • Organized copy structure
  • More time to work on your business
  • Copywriting expertise
  • Ethical copy
  • Understand your target audience needs better


3 social media posts using the TASTY content formula to help you gain followers and make sales.

These posts:

  • Empower your customer using stories
  • Show proof of your skills and what you’re worth
  • Use stories to hook potential customers to your program/course
  • Raise customer objections and address them before your customer does
  • Point out misconceptions in your field and address them beforehand

I Want the Launch Marketing Copy Kit Right Away, How Does This Work?

Step 1 Initial Meetup

We’ll have a 30-45-minute call to know each other first. Then we’ll dive deep into your launch goals and our process.

If we’re all happy, we’ll then get the launch wheel rolling.

Step 2 Welcome Kit

Woohoo! I’ll then send a welcome kit your way. It includes your contract, brand questionnaire, and a link to a Google Drive folder that we’ll be using to exchange documents.

You then fill out the questionnaire and drop it in the Drive folder so we can proceed.

Step 3 Launch Kickoff

We will have another meeting to dive deeper into your audience, your offer, and overall business strategy.

Then I’ll wear my research hat and find out what your previous customers say about you, why they chose to work with you, and how they felt after your program.

I’ll continue to research what your competitors are offering and the messaging they use. I’ll then find out the gaps in their copy and save that for our copy.

Finally, I’ll scrap Yelp, Amazon, Reddit, Facebook groups, and other important resources to find out the language your customers are using, their pain points, concerns with coaching programs, and their beliefs. All this data will help me in the next stage.

Step 4 Copywriting Kickoff

Now, it’s your time to sit back and attend to your business while I wear my creative hat. Using the data from step 3 plus additional research, I’ll write that irresistible copy that will get your customers to sign up without second thoughts.

Step 5 Final Delivery

I’ll upload the copy to your Google Drive folder. Here’s where you can ask for your 2 thorough revisions if you need anything sharpened even more.

When all is done, you can start your launch right away.

Coaches, Consultants, and Online Service Providers Who’ve Tried The Launch Kit Trust Us

Winnie required minimal guidance and understood my program’s value and mission to determine the best flow. Definitely a seamless process and workflow.

Teammedia, Fiverr

I’m loving working with Winnie. She’s smart, easy to work with, and most important she adapts to what’s needed.

Ben Comealive Media

Winnie did an awesome job with my sales copy project. She is a professional at what she does. Thank you very much.

Gueveny, Sepsio

I consulted with Winnie to check my sales page and let me know what was wrong with it and why it was not converting. I gave her the job to do the correction and she did a phenomenal job rewriting my sales page document. I’m ready to promote it.

Judy, Fiverr

Winnie exceeded my expectations with this first project to revise the landing page copy for an upcoming challenge. I will definitely use her services again for future projects that require her expertise.

Shaquana, USA

Thank you for bringing my vision to life. You’re a genuine person and I love working with you.

Cooper, USA

Should You Logout and Think About It First?

You already know the truth. You want to log out and allow the excuses to get to you.

The excuse that you can do it by yourself…

That you don’t need to hire an expert…

That you don’t have the budget (you had it the first day you thought about creating a course)…

That you’re not ready for such a big step in your life…

Or that you need to ask your partner… even though he/she has never launched a course before and know very little about marketing. The only thing they’ll tell you is you got this, I believe in you or I support your decision.

Yet, deep down you already know you need an organized launch no matter what anyone will say.

Because you’ve poured your heart into building a great program, and you can’t afford to launch it like it’s another lousy program on the internet.

You want your launch to stand out, and you want it to stand out now so that it can pay you back your time and investment as soon as possible.

So, unless you want your course to fail before it launches, get in touch and, let’s turn this into the most profitable launch you’ve ever had.

Summary of What’s Inside

Atomic Launch

$1,400 $900

For coaches, consultants, course creators, and other service providers who need the perfect sales page with the juices to generate a strong desire for your service/program/course.

Optional Upgrade:

4 long-form blogs to create authority around your program and generate organic views on Google search for an extra $800

Start My Launch Now

Holistic Launch

$3,500 $2,500

For coaches and course creators who are ready to turn every stone to convert their launch massively. You want to scale your launch and use all available avenues to connect with prospects and make a sale.

Optional Upgrade:

4 long-form blogs to create authority around your program and generate organic views on Google search for an extra $800

Start My Launch Now

In case You’re Asking Any of These, I Got You…

Q1. Do I Qualify for the Course Launch Marketing Copy?

Yes, you qualify if you’re launching a program, course, or service package for your coaching, consulting, or online service business.

Q2. Do I Really Need a Launch Copywriter? What if I Do It Myself?

Thanks for asking this. You can absolutely write your own launch copy if you have all the time, and the skills to write sales copy and emails that’ll make people tick.

If you care about your business and want every aspect to succeed, you have to outsource some things, especially those that would need you to take a course and practice a million times before you master them. Copywriting is one of those skills.

Q3. How long will I wait for the copy?

Once we complete onboarding you, our strategy call, and you send me the filled-in questionnaire, expect the first draft within 7 to 10 business days.

After reviewing, you may ask for 2 rounds of revision. I’ll update you with the revisions within 3 days.

Q4. I have only a small email list. I don’t think I need email marketing right now. Do I?

Let me ask you, do you want to grow your list? Do you want your course to be marketable a year or two from now?

If you said yes to any of these, you definitely need the launch emails. Think of it this way, today you don’t have a list, but then, two weeks from now after you announce the launch, 100 people join your list. Will you go back and say ‘Oh damn it, I need that email campaign right now?’ Knowing that by the time you have your email copy ready, the email subscribers may have gone cold?

That’s a disorganized way to do your launch. You’d rather have a campaign set up so that when subscribers sign up, you can hit them immediately when they’re warmed up to your offer.

Q5. I’m not a coach or consultant but I’m launching a course. Is this for me?


Q6. How long before my launch should I pay for this service?

1 to 2 months so you can have enough time to review the copy, design your sales page and emails, and the nitty-gritty before the launch.

Q7. How do you receive payment?

50% upfront and 50% before the final handing over of the launch copy. For international transfers, we use Wise or PayPal for limited cases.

Q8. When will you start working on my launch copy?

As soon as we complete onboarding you. I try my best to finish the process within a week. That will involve a strategy call with you to understand your brand, brand voice, goals, and more.

When everything is settled, I’ll begin the writing immediately. Please get in touch with me soon if you want your copy done ASAP.

Q9. I launched a program once, but now I have a new one. Will you help me?

If you are happy with your product, then yes! You want to get a copywriter sooner than later.

Q10. Do you give refunds?

I do not refund and here is why. I give 2 rounds of revisions so you’re 100% satisfied with the marketing copy.

I’ve also protected you by investing time and finances (I’ve invested in courses that made me good) to become good at writing copy that satisfies you.

Q11. What if I need more emails or blog posts?

We’ll addon the extra blogs and emails to your package. Be sure to let me know how many blogs and emails you prefer.

Q12. Will you design my sales page and the opt-in page as well?

No. For now, I’ll only provide you with a mockup design that’ll guide your web designer/developer to work their magic and give you the exact end product.

Q13. I still have questions. Where can I reach you?

Email me at winfred(at)blumycontentsolutions(dot)com or fill out the form here and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!