Blog Post-What it is and Types of Blog Posts

What is a blog post and what information should you include in it?

In this digital era, terms like blog post and vlog are quite popular. If you are not so much invested in social media, the two might be confusing to you. Also, you may be wondering about the difference between a blog and a website.

If you have always been curious about blogs and blog posts, you are about to find out more about them and what they entail. Also, this article is important to individuals who have intentions to start writing blog posts but are not certain how to go about it.

So, What is a Blog Post?

Simply put, a blog post is a piece of content that is published on a blog. A blog is an online journal where the authors of blog posts share their opinions on a given topic. The topic of a blog post is created by the author.

Notably, the content creator for a blog post is not necessarily the owner. Some affordable ghostwriting services are hired to create the content. In other situations, the owner of a blog may choose to invite blog posts created by guests or their readers.

In either of these situations, a blog post is meant to connect the author to a pertinent audience. Another reason for creating a blog post is to generate traffic and send quality leads to a given website. This is why a blogger who frequently puts up blog posts has a higher chance of getting discovered by their target audience.

Blog Post-Types of Posts You can Write

Some people including veteran bloggers sometimes get a content block and cannot figure out what to blog about. However, knowledge about the various types of blog posts one can focus on may help in eliminating this block. Here are some types of blog posts you may write for your audience.


These types of blog posts feature numbers in their headlines. For example, ‘3 vacation recipes you must try’ or the ‘top 10 things to carry on your hiking adventure’ are examples of the list type of blog posts. People like skimming through lists especially when they have no time to peruse through a whole blog post.

How-To Blog Post

These blog posts offer a guide to doing something. It could be a guide to using lemon to take out a stain or baking without eggs. They provide an answer to a question.

Personal Stories

The writers of such blog posts engage their audience through storytelling on different topics. Their goal is to connect with their readers on an emotional level.

Guest Blog Posts

These are written by a guest who is not the owner of the blog. They are beneficial to a blog because:

  • They boost networking opportunities
  • Give a blogger a break
  • Provide a different perspective on matters
  • May help a blogger to connect with a new audience


In these types of blog posts, the authors transcribe an interview they have had with an individual who their audience can relate to. They have great potential for driving traffic to a site.

You Must Include the Following Information in a Blog Post

When starting a blog, any blogger hopes to captivate their audience and stay relevant for a long time. This is only possible if they know the kind of information that must never miss out in their blog posts. Headlines and call-to-action are some of the important pieces of information.

Captivating Headlines

You should always think of your headline as a pitch. It must provide some articulation about what your article is about. It must make a reader curious to at least check out the introduction.

Relevant Subheadings

Subheadings are important in making your blog post more visually appealing. Keep in mind that many people are not captivated by blog posts without any headings. Besides, subheadings help readers in navigating to the sections that interest them the most.

Informative Content

The body of your blog post must cover your topic exhaustively. The information you relay should be insightful and relevant to your audience.

Alluring Graphics

You may also include attractive images to your blog post to break the monotony of text. They also add to the visual appeal of your post. Always ensure that the images you add should be related to your content.

A Persuasive Call-to-Action

This is a powerful tool for facilitating interaction between you and your readers. You should always think about how you want this interaction to happen before writing this section. Ensure that it is also persuasive to your audience.

Capturing Your Audience Through a Blog Post

Other tips you can use to ascertain that your blog posts are captivating are:

  • Incorporating short stories in your posts
  • Using pop-ups
  • Linking your post to other blog posts
  • Ensuring that your website has a relatable theme
  • Appropriate use of keywords

If you are intending to start blogging, you are in for spending a significant amount of your time creating blog posts. Why not make that time worthwhile by including the important information I have outlined in this article? Captivating and memorable blog posts have a long life span. And they are exciting to write regularly, hence no need to ponder around the question, ‘how often should I post on my blog.’

What other important pieces of information that must be included in blog posts have I left out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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