About Us

About Blumy Content Solutions

Blumy Content Solutions was founded in 2020 by Winfred Makena. I founded this company to help businesses succeed in attracting and engaging the right people; so that these people can buy their products and services.

The company earns profit while the customer gets the product or service they needed so badly. Our end goal is a WIN-WIN for the business and customers.

Our Mission and Vision

Our vision is to help millions of businesses connect with their customers around the globe.

Our mission is to enable businesses to achieve their end goals through digital marketing. We aim to do this through writing copy that attracts, engages, and converts.

Our Motivation

We have noted that many businesses nowadays don’t know how to sell without being salesy. Hence, we want to help organizations use effective sales language to capture attention and persuade customers to buy their products and services.

Having worked with many business owners in the past, I have realized that digital marketing is a major challenge. I have helped many succeed in this area, and I am not stopping until I see entrepreneurs I work with make a profit while their customers get the product or service they need.

Our Values

We are guided by three main principles that include integrity, ethics, and service to humanity.

We believe in working honestly while safeguarding the secrets and intellectual property rights of our customers. We are guarded by the principle of service to humanity; we aim to change the lives of entrepreneurs around the world.

Finally, we want to contribute to the success of every business owner we work with, whether a startup or a large company.

Work with Us

If you want to elevate your business and stand out from the crowd, we are ready to work with you. Contact us now, and let us discuss how we can propel your business to success through digital marketing.