2 Critical Stages in the Content Marketing Process

Businesses have found many ways of marketing their products and services to potential customers. One of these methods is content marketing. A few years ago, content marketing was still a new idea. But, it is no longer a strange technique. Those who are using it are already reaping big.

Thus, there is a need to understand how content marketing works. You may have been writing content in the past, which is good by the way. But, have you been following all the critical stages of the content marketing process? Even if you are using affordable ghostwriting services, you should find out whether they follow the critical stages of the content marketing process. Whether you have been using it or not, below are the two most important stages you should not ignore.

Step 1: Content Planning

When you want to visit a friend, you start by making a plan. You decide the day and time you will go to that friend’s place, the means of transport you will use and other important factors. It is the same case with content marketing. You have to make a solid plan before you begin writing and promoting content.

Content planning involves determining what buyers want. Do they prefer video content or are they open to reading blogs and newsletters? According to Hubspot, knowing the type of content that your audience wants will determine the platforms that you will join and post. Some of the content types include:

  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts

For example, if your customers love videos, it means you have to join YouTube or other social platforms that focus on audio-visual content. Content planning is a major step that you should take seriously. It determines the success of the whole process.

Step 2: Content Creation

In research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, respondents were asked about the factors that enabled their organizations to achieve success with content marketing. 78% of the participants argued that their firms were able to create the content of higher quality. Thus, they were able to increase efficiency with the strategy.

Content creation is, therefore, the next step that you have to do carefully if you want to reap maximum benefits. You need the best quality content to be able to compete. Therefore, train employees in your organization on how to produce content that matches the standards that you have set.

For some businesses, training employees is very costly. Hence, they opt to outsource content creation to other organizations that specialize in this area. It is still a good strategy that can save you time and resources. All you have to do is to ensure that you get only the best. Remember, your competitors are also finding ways of making their content better to attract more readers.


Content marketing involves a lot more than just writing and publishing videos or blog posts. It is a process that has to begin with planning. Then the next step is the creation of the content. Content marketing does not end here, but if you get these two steps right, you are assured of good results. What tips are you using to make your content planning and creation easy?

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